*~= EXCLUSIVE =~* LancerNation Official Toys 4 Tots 2019 Sticker

*~= EXCLUSIVE =~* LancerNation Official Toys 4 Tots 2019 Sticker

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LancerNation is all about giving back to the community. LancerNation started out the end of car season by doing everything we could to support Trunk or Treat shows and food drives. They also spend most of the year attending shows that support a fallen car club member or to support a charity of some kind. So of course this year we are stepping it up a notch. 

This year we are trying to mobilize in force to support a charity we have supported since our inception; Toys 4 Tots. We are debuting this sticker to the public no our first cruise to Toys 4 Tots collection in Long Island, New York on December 1st. 

If you can't be there, but there is a Toys 4 Tots event in your area, we encourage you to grab one or a set of these stickers and place them on your car to show you have supported or do support our cause. 

And to make it even better, to make this sticker work even harder, we are taking 20% of each sticker purchase to put into a donation to the St. Judy Cancer Hospital on Christmas Eve. 

So quickly get yourself one of these exclusive stickers and help Toys 4 Tots and St. Jude'ss all in one shot.

This EXCLUSIVE stickers will be only available until the end of December and then it will be gone!

Size: 15" x  5"

Design: Tim "JukEboX" Murray