LancerNation Close Ups (Evá)

This orange on blue Evo X does big wang thangs!

It is that time again for us to do a close up on the car and owner who have taken the covers of our Facebook Page, Group and Website by storm. We caught up with Frankie "Evoguy" Gagliardi to get some incite into this dipped 2011 Lancer Evolution X GSR from our own NJ Lancers group.

What made you go for the Evo?

"I've wanted an Evo ever since I was like 13 or 14."

Frankie is a fan of the aggressive body style. Though the car looks like a fighter plane he likes how it is still sleek and smooth. This is highlighted by the fact that he dipped the car orange. With this done you can see all the perfect lines on the car without cuts, scrapes or gashes.

How long did it take to get the car looking as good as it does now?

"Took me about a year and a half before I started doing any performance mods due to the warranty. About 3 years ago I dipped it the burnt copper and put it on coil overs. And just within the last year I started all the body mods."

Frankie has been working on the car for a while and with the amount of work he has put into it, it is truly a labor of love. He went all out and did a custom Aero kit from Galvez Customs. He also joined the racecar club and added a big wing from Battle Aero.

What is your favorite part of the car?

"Almost impossible to pick a favorite part. If I had to I would have to say the entire exterior of the car. I love the way the car is turning out. Exactly what I visioned in my head years ago."

We can't argue with that. The copper is an eye popping color and draws so much attention to itself. With so many options to choose from this blue on orange is definitely a keeper. And it shows. The car has won a few best in show trophies at some local shows as well as 2 "Top Ten Best In Show" at Street Wars at Raceway Park. He also took "Top 10 Mitsubishi" at the Evo Vs. STI show at Raceway Park.

So what is next for Frankie's Evo?

"The new Varis bumper lip and canards as well as the side skirts from Varis and a set of Varis tail lights."

With the 2016 show season coming up Frankie is going all out and also adding some snow camo the the interior of the car. A little different from the last look he had but after a winning season in 2015 he is stepping up the game by peeling off the copper and doing another dip for this year. We can't wait to see what it will be this time!

Be sure to follow Frankie on Instagram and see how his build is going before the season starts and show him a little love.

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