LancerNation Close Ups (Purple On Black)

Dark magic with a hint of purple.

Spring has sprung and with that comes car season. This time around we take a look at a Ralliart sitting low straight out of our Indiana group. James Mueller II took a Tarmac Black 2010 Lancer Ralliart and made it his own and is making IN Lancers a known group in the area.

LancerNation: Why the Ralliart?

James: "I chose it because I wanted something All Wheel Drive and turbo but something that wasn't seen on the road daily like Evos, STIs, and WRXs."

James is constantly getting his car confused with a the standard Lancer but when they realize that it has a turbo and is not an Evolution then they are quite surprised. He was also looking for something with the Recaro race package.

LancerNation: What did you want the car to look like when you got it?

James: "Original plans were the basic mods. Wheels, springs, some cosmetic engine things, and a bunch of carbon fiber."

James took it to a couple of shows in that setup but after that he wanted a little more. He did the leg work and got a couple of sponsors for the car and with that he widened the car and through a sweet set of wheels on it. This would make the car stand out and set him apart at the next upcoming show season.

LancerNation: Did it come out the way you wanted?

James: "Yep. I had some difficulties with the wide wheels and flares but nothing major."

The car turned out better than he expected. With the sponsors he was able to spend a good amount of money on engine modifications and the interior and to this day he is surprised with how much he actually spent.

LancerNation: So what was the hardest part to add or thing to do?
James: "Aftermarket turbo was the hardest. The turbo was just really time consuming with how much had to be taken apart to change it."

That seems to be a big point to owners. Finding the right turbo as well as pressure and what works for the driver, fuel economy, power and responsiveness is in high contention when selecting and installing the perfect turbo.

So what is James' favorite part of the car?

James: "The wheels and flares for sure. Wheels and flares changed the whole look of the car."

The car has made a pretty great reputation for itself in it's current state and he plans to put it up for sale sometime early 2017. All we know is, if he parts it out he will be sending each part to a great home but if he doesn't then someone is going to get one hell-of-a ride!

Be sure to follow James on Instagram and see what his car wins this season.

And stay tuned for more close ups from LancerNation.

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