LancerNation Close Ups (V3NOM)

Check out this sick Ralliart from our own BC Lancers in Canada in our latest series.

Over the course of running LancerNation we would like to do some features about some Lancers/Evos that we find that can be especially amazing. Today we are going to cover one of the sickest Ralliarts we have seen so far. The V3NOM!

Why the Ralliart?

“Well I just bought a house but (I) love Mitsubishi Evo X (and it) was not around my budget so I went with the 2nd top ride, Ralliart. I’m saving for a GTR 35 or a Porche 911 GT3.”

The V3NOM is owned by Clement Ting who is a part of our own BC Lancers in our newly expanded Canadian territory. He has only owned the car for a year but the journey with the car has been a great one. The car is a 2014 Lancer Ralliart originally Tarmac Black. In the front he has fitted a APR custom lip as well as a set of Rexpeed Carbon Fiber vents. For a little sound he rocking an Ultimate Racing cat back exhaust. To finish off the rear end he has a set of red Rally Armour mud flaps, a vortex generator and a duckbill lip. All it in all the car looks like a monster on the street.

So what was it like for Clement to get this far?

“The livery took a while to decide but I was going for a stealth look but also at the same time trying to represent Ralliart. There are a lot of Evos out there that stand out but when it comes to Ralliart no one knows what it is. The red, black and grey comes from Tommy Mak’s Evo Raliiart colour. And I also like the character Venom from Spiderman as a child so I tried to put that on.”

Sitting on a set of red Rota Grid 2 (18 x 9.5 + 22) wheels wrapped in Hankook Ventus Evo 2 Tires and with a visual design by Wrap-Workz it stays true to just what the rear quarter panels’ state, “The Spirit Of Competition”. This beautiful black and red lancer is truly something to drool over as it sits quite perfectly and with what Clement calls only about 15% done.

So what is Clement’s favorite part?

“The best part I love about my ride is how aggressive it looks. If you look on the side of the car during night time you won’t really see the Ralliart sign but if you get a bit of light it will show the sign. There’s enough power for me to just cruise around with friends too. It’s all about the night running.”

As for future plans he tells LancerNation that those are still a secret but we look forward to finding out more about the V3NOM as time goes on.

Stay tuned for more close ups from LancerNation.

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