LancerNation Donates To Local School

Toy DeliveryTim Murray founder of LancerNation (left) with Naugatuck Early Childhood Center's Ms. Amber Desiderato (right) accepting toy donation.

The Lancer community is a great example of making things work when presented with a challenge. In this spirit we were faced with a dilemma. Thanks to the many great donations from the community at the URI SFAE Fundraiser Car Show, we filled up a 3 huge bags of toys. These toys varied from gently used to brand new which is amazing and we are more than happy to accept them for the cause. After going through the toys we were able to separate out the used toys from the new toys. There in lies the dilemma. When we deliver the toys to Toys For Tots they require the toys to be in a new and unwrapped condition. We have plenty of those! So what to do with the used toys.

Well after some conversation with our team and talking with the community we were able to come to the aid of a local school. We reached out to Naugatuck Early Childhood Center (ECC), which is a Head Start school and accredited by the National Environmental Youth Advisory Counsel (NAYEC) ECC is a school for pre-school children and offers an amazing special education program. Each year they go through the toys they use with the kids and they are always looking for used toys to keep the children engaged and learning throughout the day.

This week LancerNation was able to donate 2 bags full of used toys they were happy to take and give them a new life for another year of students. We are so super happy to be able to make this work for all kinds of kids this year with all kinds of stages of development with toys at different stages of love. Thank you so much to Ms. Amber Desiderato for accepting the toys for Naugatuck ECC and letting us help us out and we hope to do it again next year.

We are not done yet! We are still collecting toys and still have a cruise set up for next week to help break the record from last year of 100,000 toys collected!


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