LancerNation Expands to Trinidad & Tobago

LancerNation TT (Trinidad & Tobago)

For the past couple years we have been working hard to bring LancerNation to more and more locations. A number of  years ago we stumbled across a lancer evolution group in Trinidad and Tobago that was very up and coming. When reaching out they were not exactly what we were looking for. Within the past few months though we have come to communication with a new member to our community from Trinidad & Tobago of which led us to a new group that is all about Lancers & Lancer Evolutions in the country. After talking with their leadership we are happy to announce today that they we merged with us to become the official group for LancerNation in Trinidad & Tobago. We can't wait to show you all the projects that coming out of the island country. Even more so since the models down there are known as CY & CZs. Crazy!

So if you live in Trinidad & Tobago and own a Lancer or Lancer Evolution, please join us in our newest group:

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