LancerNation Loses A Valued Member


This is an archived new release.

You are now and will always be missed.

This past holiday season LancerNation lost a valued member. Melissa Gruenberg was has been a member of LancerNation since its start and has been helping members and owners since before LancerNation started. We first met her on our partner site She was always very eager to help a member with questions and she shared her build and story as she moved from her Ralliart to her Evolution X. She was a member of multiple other car and Lancer groups over time and of course she was more than willing to help a fellow member and answer any questions they had that she could help with.

Since her passing the outcry from around LancerNation was been huge. Many of our local groups have made her car their cover for the month of January as well as voting her ride to be the Car of the Month to start 2018.

LancerNation first met her in person at Mitsubishi Owners Day a number of years ago. She had a great personality and was fun to be around. She acted as the Facebook Administrator for the NJ Lancers group for a while before her life got buy. She helped build the NJ Lancers group to what it is now and we at LancerNation is glad to have had her.

It is our great pleasure to say to her friends, family, and other members that it was an honor and a privilege to have her as a valued member of our site and community. We can also say with great certainty that they would also express the same sentiment. She is now and will be missed by everyone across all seven thousand members of LancerNation and countless members of other car groups and organizations she has been in contact with.

If you wish to make a donation in her memory please click Link More below.

Rest In Peace Melissa. You ride with all of us now.

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