LancerNation V2.0

Time For An Upgrade!

LancerNation has been moving along for the past 4 years without a major update and with the latest tools out there to allow communities to communicate why would we not make it easier for you to find our products as well as information on our groups and so much more?

LAZINESS that's why. So we would like to announce the release of our new website is now live. The new site how holds all our news, videos, events, pictures, products, local merch and so much more. Here is just a little bit of what we have done.

  1. We ported over all of our merchandise to the new store which is now easier and faster to shop from as well as better to pay for and cleaner to look at.
  2. We optimized the entire site for mobile. So all our friends who live on their cell phone can browse and shop from their device.
  3. We ported over all of our news, events & video information so  you didn't lose everything. All the old and NEW updates will be located in the FEED link in the menu.
  4. We got rid of the user account creation and profile creation as it wasn't being taken advantage of. All your information will be purged from our databases within the next 30 days. The only personal information we kept in our database was your E-Mail and name and that will be deleted.
  5. We added a COVERAGE section to our site to allow us to share our high res photos of shows, events, car close ups, and our Look Around LancerNation updates.
  6. We streamlined the JOIN function to allow you to find your local group and the main group better.
  7. We brought our sponsors to be front and center of our page to give them better recognition and access.
  8. We connected our store with Facebook so you can now purchase merchandise from Facebook or our new site. You can also tag merchandise to share with your friends on Facebook to show off what your buying and how they can get one.
  9. We have also secured the new website with an SSL certificate to ensure your information and private data is secure while your browsing and purchasing any of our products.

We are so excited to share the new site with you as we have a number things coming up we are pumped to publish. Bookmark our new site and keep up to date on whats happening and new releases. We hope you like the new site. Please leave a comment in our Facebook groups or on this post and tell us what you think of the new look and function of the new site. 

Thanks for being a member of the nation as we move forward and make LancerNation even better for you. 


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