LancerStore Sponsors LancerNation


This is an archived new release.

Finally after so much waiting and anticipiation; Its Happening!

That's right! After many months and messages LancerNation is proud to announce that we are now sponsored by LancerStore. Many of our members have asked us for almost a year and a half to make this deal and we delivered. After talking to LancerStore and getting reviews of the site and the people we are happy to finally be working with such stand up people who are very customer oriented.

LancerStore is a great place to find all kind of unique items for your Lancer, Ralliart, or Evolution. And we are talking about everything. They have parts for your outside and inside including auto/video products, engine mods, and small odds and ends.

Now for the best part. LancerStore is offering a new discount to LancerNation members EVERY FEW WEEKS. That means new deals on all kinds of items for your Lancer. So you can great part for a lower cost. BUT you have to be a member of our main LancerNation Facebook Group.

So go up to the top of this page and click the Facebook Group Link, to the left of the Instagram icon, and join. Be sure to fill out the questions. If you don't your application with be rejected. Once accepted you will have access to the newest LancerStore discount as well as the rest of our sponsors!

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