Look Around LancerNation (July 2017)

Look around LancerNation highlights the winners or the cover contests from all of our groups around the world and gives you a chance to see some of the amazing pictures, builds, and ideas our members have had. 


Ronni Gane - Victoria (VIC Lancers, AUS)


Jordan Kain - New South Wales (NSW Lancers, AUS)

Russell Hamilton - Queensland (QLD Lancers, AUS)

Lorenzo Matta - South Australia (SA Lancers, AUS)

Samantha Raewynn - Victoria (VIC Lancers, AUS) 


Calvin Bennett - British Columbia (BC Lancers)

Johnathan Warren - Newfoundland & Labrador (NL Lancers, CAN)

Adam Nicholas Poole - Nova Scotia (NS Lancers, CAN)

Caroline Frechette - Quebec (QC Lancers, CAN)



Marianna Coughlin - Arizona (AZ Lancers)

Tim Murray - Connecticut (CT Lancers)

Zac Lieweg - Delaware (DE Lancers)

Brandon Taylor - Hawaii (HI Lancers)

Shayfayed Rashid - Illinois (IL Lancers)

Crystal King - Indiana (IN Lancers)

Colton Dunhoft - Kentucky (KY Lancers)

Kris McCreery - Louisiana (LA Lancers)

Jacqueline Quinlan - Massachusetts (MA Lancers)

Kody Mishkel - Maryland (MD Lancers)

Tyler Lane - North Carolina (NC Lancers)

Brandon Dotson - Nebraska (NE Lancers)

Robert Hagy - New Hampshire (NH Lancers)

Jennifer Erin - New Jersey (NJ Lancers)

Chris Johnson - New York (NY Lancers)

Talina Holman - Oklahoma (OK Lancers)

Austin Hopper - Oregon (OR Lancers)

Lennie Figuero Ruis - Puerto Rico (PR Lancers)

Donovan Neiman - South Dakota (SD Lancers)

Wil Howard - Tennessee (TN Lancers)

Chris Reily-Hutchings - Utah (UT Lancers)

Robert Hutton - Virginia (VA Lancers)

Joe Adams - Vermont (VT Lancers)

Nick Askin - Wisconsin (WI Lancers)

Corey Ruddlesden - West Virginia (WV Lancers) 

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