Look Around LancerNation (September 2017)

Look around LancerNation highlights the winners or the cover contests from all of our groups around the world and gives you a chance to see some of the amazing pictures, builds, and ideas our members have had. 


Nestor Rivera - Connecticut (CT Lancers)


Aaron Murray - New South Wales (NSW Lancers, AUS)

Joshua Trad - Queensland (QLD Lancers, AUS)

Mandy Lorensini - Tasmania (TAS Lancers, AUS)



Ian McMillan - Alberta (AB Lancers, CAN)

Alexander Graham - British Columbia (BC Lancers, CAN)

Ryan Gallant - New Brunswick (NB Lancers, CAN)

KJ Pennel - Newfoundland & Labrador (NL Lancers, CAN)

Kyle Fenner - Nova Scotia (NS Lancers, CAN)

Dave Tenchavez - North West Territories (NWT Lancers, CAN)

Shazad Kahn - Ontario (ON Lancers, CAN)

Jeff Simard - Quebec (QC Lancers, CAN)



James Bell - Alabama (AL Lancers)

Keri Butler - Arizona (AZ Lancers)

E*Money Walker - California (CA Lancers)

Kevin Vazquez - Colorado (CO Lancers)

Hong Le - Connecticut (CT Lancers)

Zac Liekweg - Delaware (DE Lancers)

Un Payasso - Florida (FL Lancers)

William Kimberly - Georgia (GA Lancers)

Gilberto Cruz - Illinois (IL Lancers)

Zach McDonald - Indiana (IN Lancers)

Colten Dunhoft - Kentucky (KY Lancers)

Kris McCreery - Louisiana (LA Lancers)

Jacqueline Quinlan - Massachusetts (MA Lancers)

Jason Mishkel - Maryland (MD Lancers)

Jesse Story- Michigan (MI Lancers)

Colin Tierney, Dustin Smith, Liz Smith & Aaron R Wurdeman
Minnesota (MN Lancers)

Mike Neal - North Carolina (NC Lancers)

Dani Elyce Roush - Nebraska (NE Lancers)

Jesse Jaynes - New Hampshire (NH Lancers)

Aira Ased Agan - New Mexico (NM Lancers)

Elizabeth Jaxien - New York (NY Lancers)

Kris Pete - Ohio (OH Lancers)

Sam English - Oklahoma (OK Lancers)

Albona Kabashi - Pennsylvania (PA Lancers)

Lennie Figueroa Ruis - Puerto Rico (PR Lancers)

Aaron Atkins - Tennessee (TN Lancers)

Justin Andrew Biesterfield- Texas (TX Lancers)

Leo Cody Jacques - Utah (UT Lancers)

Edwin Amaya - Virginia (VA Lancers)

Joe Adams - Vermont (VT Lancers)

Billy Brown - West Virginia (WV Lancers) 

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