M.O.D. (East) 2015 - Best Sedan

Mitsubishi picks Best Sedan of Mitsubishi Owners Day (East) 2015.

With all kind of Lancers in attendance there were more than enough chances for any one of them to walk away with Best Sedan. Judges from Mitsubishi made their way through Lancers, Mirages, and Galant to land their choice of Best Sedan on LancerNation Maryland member Billy Brown. After showing up a little late but just in time to be seen here is a little about him and his win.

Year: 2011
Model: Lancer RalliArt
Color: Octane Blue Pearl

(LancerNation) - What can you tell us about you and your RalliArt?
(Billy Brown) - On March 18th, 2010 I was hit head on by a driver texting and driving. We were both doing 50-55 mph. I couldn't walk for 2 years and have had 103 hrs of surgery. I got this car January 3rd, 2011. When I ordered it in October there were zero octane blue RalliArts in the U.S. I bought it with six miles on it and now has 89,000. But we repped for Maryland dang good at that show.

(LancerNation) - What have you done to the car?
(Billy Brown) - MOD List:
AMS FMIC with AMS piping
K&N air filter
HKS SSQV3 Blow off Valve
3 Inch Turbo Back Exhaust By Custom Performance Engineering
Tein S-Techs Drag Wheels
AEM Tru Boost And Volt Gauges
Memphis Audio Sound System With 1 12 Inch Subwoofer

(LancerNation) - What is your favorite part of the car:
(Billy Brown) - My exhaust! I just love the sound. Most of the time I don't play my system, I just love to hear that.

(LancerNation) - How does it feel to win for Best Sedan?
(Billy Brown) - It has been unreal. I am still shocked I won. We do a lot of show's and won but this was just a Mitsubishi show. Having Mitsubishi people there to pick my car out of all of the other's. I was like no way they got the wrong car.

(LancerNation) - Which car would you have voted for Best Sedan?
(Billy Brown) - Not really sure because everyone's taste is different and you build your car for you so of course I would choose mine because it's built to the way I like it. But there were so many that could have taken it. I am just honored it was me.

(LancerNation) - How did you hear about M.O.D.?
(Billy Brown) - I went in 2011 and 2012 I first heard about it from YouTube. I was like I got to go.

(LancerNation) - Will you go back to M.O.D. again?
(Billy Brown) - For sure we will be back next year. Started counting down the days when we left.

(LancerNation) - Any future plans or have shout outs?
(Billy Brown) - Future plans is to bag the car and change my system but other than that I love the car the way it is. People I would like to thank is my girlfriend Jessica for putting up with my crazy hobby and helping me with my car at ever show. My parents for all their support also.

Best Sedan is a tough choice to make and this one had to have been a challenge. But after going over some of what the best had to offer, Billy was able to get the award with a little luck and style!

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