M.O.D. (East) 2015 - People's Choice

Attendees pick People\'s Choice of Mitsubishi Owners Day (East) 2015.

Every person who rolled into Mitsubishi Owners Day 2015 got a vote for People's Choice. This was the vote for favorite ride by all in attendance. Brandon Weaver's built Lancer Evolution X took the prize with an extensive modification list. Find out more in our little interview with Brandon.

Year: 2013
Model: Lancer Evolution X MR
Color: Cosmic Blue Pearl

(LancerNation) - Tell us about Brandon and his Evo!
(Brandon Weaver) - Well there is a basic article on Tuner Battle Ground's Website from my win on there but I had a 2009 RalliArt for about 4 years. I went to the dealership for an oil change in 2013 and saw this Evo and took it for test drive and ended up leaving that day with the Evo. I've slowly grown into the car scene. All 3 cars I've owned have been Mitsubishi and the 3 diamond is even tattooed on me.

(LancerNation) - What have you done to the car?
(Brandon Weaver) -The biggest thing for me is the trunk and engine bay standing out with airbrushing. My goal is to stand out in the Evo world and be different then just the big wing and wide body. While it looks great I don't want to blend in. Here is the full list.

Custom Made Gauge Cluster With AEM Wideband Gauge
Rexpeed Carbon Fiber Pillar Pod With Glow Shift Boost Gauge
Carbon Fiber Cluster Cover
Schroth 4 Point Racing Harnesses
Carbon Fiber Dash Trim
Carbon Fiber Center Console
Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Cover
Carbon Fiber Tweeter Covers
Trunk Mods
Recaro Cloth Covered Bottom And Top Liner
Custom Airbrushed Trunk Cover
Hydro Dipped Sub And Trunk Trip
Tablet Screen Mounted
Varis Lip Paint Matched To The Car
Carbon Fiber 3D Eyelids
Carbon Fiber Fog Lights Housings
Carbon Fiber Grill
Carbon Fuel Door
Carbon Fiber Mirror Accents
Carbon Fiber Varis Pillar Trim
Rexpeed Carbon Fiber Window Vents
Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop And Vents
Scorpion Spoiler With Carbon Fiber Center
LED Tail Lights
Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
Quad Halos With Quad Blue Demon Eyes
LED Tinted Side Markers
Custom Paint Inner Cooler Black With Punisher Logo
Blue LEDs In The Grill And Engine Bay
Agency Performance BOV Return Hose (Blue)
Blue Radiator Hoses
Custom Air Brush Engine Cover
Stainless Steel Fuse Box Covers
GT Spec Strut Bar Powder Coated
Carbon Fiber Hood Dampers
ARP Carbon Fiber Radiator Cover
Custom Made And Painted Intake Heat Shield
Carbon Power Stealing Cover
Engine Dress Up Bolts
Custom Heat Shields Powder Coated
Powder Inner Cooling Pipping
Carbon Fiber Positive Cover
Cosmis Racing Cut-05RT
Michelin Super Sport
Custom Tread Wear Letters
Neochrome Lug Nuts
MAP Upper Innercooler Pipe
Cobb Intake
Cobb Turbo Inlet
Cobb Electronic Boost Control Solenoid
Cobb Down Pipe
ETS Test Pipe
Cobb Quad Tip Cutback Exhaust
Cobb Access Port With Pro Tune By R/T On Lansdale PA
354 Horsepower to the wheels and 352 torque to the wheels

(LancerNation) - What is your favorite part of the car:
(Brandon Weaver) - The trunk and engine bay I love. And the demon eyes of course.

(LancerNation) - How does it feel to win for People's Choice?
(Brandon Weaver) - This year was a bigger surprise then last. I knew I had a chance but I didn't think I was gonna win. I know people love my car but some really great builds were in the people's choice this year. It's very humbling to win and know people really enjoy my car especially being all the Mitsubishi owners voting for me.

(LancerNation) - Which car did you vote for People's Choice?
(Brandon Weaver) - I voted for Gary Bentz Orange and black eclipse. It was a tough one on voting for some one being I knew a few people and some beautiful builds.

(LancerNation) - How did you hear about M.O.D.?
(Brandon Weaver) - I've been going every year since the first one they did in Delaware. I think 5/6 years back. So I always wait for the announcement of it each year. The first one I think I found out about on Facebook.

(LancerNation) - Will you go back to M.O.D. again?
(Brandon Weaver) - Yes sir I will support it every year like I have so far even in the rain like the last two years.

(LancerNation) - Any future plans or have shout outs?
(Brandon Weaver) - Future plans are a mix up so not sure which direction it will go. Just wanna thank everyone who voted for me and helped me win this year. And a thank you to all my supporters in my life and especially my car club Lowlyfe.

Brandon continues to support Mitsubishi each year he goes and you can follow more on his sick build and constant success by his Instagram: @gsmack1

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