M.O.D. (East) 2015 - ProjectLancer.net Best Evolution

ProjectLancer.net picks its best Evolution not in VIP from M.O.D. 2015!

Mitsubishi Owners Day draws a crowd, there is no doubt about that and there is no shortage of Evos. This year ProjectLancer decided to get step up and show a little support for those who make a strong build but are not always asked to be in the lime light. This year ProjectLancer picked Tyler Steck's Evo for it's best Evo for M.O.D. 2015. Here is a little about him and his shocking blue ride.

Year: 2006
Model: Lancer Evolution IX
Color: Electric Blue Pearl

(LancerNation) - Tell us about yourself and your Evo!
(Tyler Steck) - Well I've always been into cars. My dad was a Corvette guy and I grew up with him taking me to car shows and teaching me about them. He and his friends were all into racing and the performance side of cars so I got a lot of exposure to that. In high school and college I got started with DSM's and just fell in love with the platform. They were easy to work on and great to modify. Pretty much everything I learned about cars was from a 4G63 engine. I started at the bottom with a naturally aspirated first generation Eclipse. After that I got a front wheel drive first generation Talon and really loved that car. That was right around the time that the Evo VIII first came to the US so I was immediately drawn to it. Finally after I graduated college and started to pay down some debts and get finances in order I was in a position where I felt I could afford to finally get one. I started looking when the Evo IX came out. I saw one in Electric Blue Pearl and had to have that color. I also knew that I wanted something that hadn't been modified yet so I could build it my way. I ended up having my car shipped in from Colorado because I couldn't find any others in that color that weren't modified.

(LancerNation) - What have you done to the car?
(Tyler Steck) - Everything I've done has been based around trying to do 3 things with the car: drag racing, autocross and also keeping it show worthy. The interior has remained pretty much stock, added a harness bar (color matched) with 4 point harnesses that can be added for track days. Added a boost gauge, timer, and wide band. Suspension got bigger sway bars and end links, swift lowering springs (kept springs rather than coils for race classing). Brakes got EBC Yellowstuff pads and upgraded blank rotors, stainless lines and Amsoil brake fluid (all fluids were switched to Amsoil early on). Pretty much the whole motor is built around keeping the stock block, internals and turbo. Switched to a bigger cam, injectors, pump and E85 conversion. To dress things up all of the piping is powder coated a dark charcoal. Bolts are color matched to the body and the valve cover/spark plug cover/timing cover were hydro-dipped carbon fiber. I rebuilt the brake calipers this weekend when I upgraded the rest of the brake system and color matched the calipers then too. That's just a basic overview; I've really done so much to it that I would have to look over every inch to give even begin to scrape the surface of the build. I'm a perfectionist so there are a ton of little details that most people wouldn't pick up on, like the fact that I also dipped the prop rod carbon fiber or the fact that rather than get normal anodized bolts. I color matched everything so that it's the same shade of blue as the body

(LancerNation) - What is your favorite part of the car?
(Tyler Steck) - Honestly the versatility. I was just talking to my wife about the fact that I've thought about selling the car a few times in the past year, but just can't do it. It makes great power, and I can be competitive in both drag and autocross, plus I can drive to a weekend event with the AC on and a car full of passengers and still have room for all of the tools and gear for the track and everyone's bags for the weekend.

(LancerNation) How does it feel to win for ProjectLancer.net's Best Evolution?
(Tyler Steck) - It's a very unexpected surprise. It's always nice when people appreciate my car and can see how much work has really gone into it. It's especially humbling considering the cars getting the most attention lately are those that are slammed and stanced, so it's a great feeling that a "race" build can get that much positive attention.

(LancerNation) - How did you hear about M.O.D.?
(Tyler Steck) - I've been going to East Coast M.O.D. since the beginning. I've always loved the idea of the event and wish more manufacturers would do something like that to give back to the owners. Although, I think I'm like everyone else and wish they would make it even bigger than it is now.

(LancerNation) - Will you go back to M.O.D. again?
(Tyler Steck) - Absolutely. I love everything, from the cruise down to the actual event, to the various things that we do after the event.

(LancerNation) - Any future plans or shout outs?
(Tyler Steck) - Not sure about future plans quite yet. All I know is that every time I say "I just want to do X mods and then the car will be done" it always turns into something bigger and better, so it will probably be a never ending project. Would definitely like to thank my wife who is super supportive and goes with me to everything we do whether it be races or car shows, and my 2 year old son that loves to ride in the car and always gives me an excuse to take it out for a drive.

Tyler's ride definitely stood out on a cloudy day at the show and was more than happy to go on for hours about the car. He is part of our Pennsylvania group (PA Lancers) and you can find an even better shot of his car in the "More Information" link below!

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