M.O.D. (East) 2015 - ProjectLancer.net Best Lancer

ProjectLancer.net picks its best Lancer not in VIP from MOD 2015!

There are all kinds of base model Lancers from DE, ES, GT, GTS and SE! ProjectLancer.net had a tough choice to make with such a wide variety to choose from but one stood out from the crowd. With it's color-matched Red wheels and clean lines Jennifer Erin's ES stood out from the crowd.

Year: 2012
Model: Lancer ES
Color: Rally Red Metallic

(LancerNation) - Tell us about yourself and your Lancer!
(Jennifer Erin) - I bought it because I've always wanted a show car and I found that the Lancer is a good choice because I am able to mod it to my liking. I've always been into cars. Even when I was little I would play around with hot wheels and remote control cars and stuff.

(LancerNation) - What have you done to the car?
(Jennifer Erin) - Here is a quick list.

8k HIDs
Yellow Fogs
Extreme Front Lip
Custom Front Splitter
Vinyl Wrapped Gloss Metallic Black Roof
OEM Evo X Hood
Neochrome Antenna
3 Piece Scorpion Wing
Aftermarket Muffler
3 Stage Powder Coated XXR 527 18×8.75 On Achillies Tires 225/40/18
Red Open Extended Lugs
Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs
OEM Evo Window Visors
Red LED Dome Lights
Red LEDs In Footwells
Fabric Wrapped Door Panels And Headliner
Cipher Racing Seats And Harness Bar
4 Point Corbeau Harnesses
NRG Neochrome Quick Release Steering Wheel
10 Inch Sub And 200 Watt Rockford Amp
K&N Short Ram Intake

(LancerNation) - What is your favorite part of the car?
(Jennifer Erin) - My fave part is probably my wing or steering wheel. Not many people have that wing.

(LancerNation) How does it feel to win for ProjectLancer.net's Best Lancer?
(Jennifer Erin) - Definitely a pleasant surprise. Wasn't expecting it at all.

(LancerNation) - How did you hear about M.O.D.?
(Jennifer Erin) - When I first got my Lancer, I didn't go that year because it was all stock. Last year couldn't get off from work.

(LancerNation) - Will you go back to M.O.D. again?
(Jennifer Erin) - Yes. Met some cool people...but I'm disappointed with the outcome of best Sedan according to Mitsubishi.

(LancerNation) - Any future plans or shout outs?
(Jennifer Erin) - Just to re-powder coat my wheels. Next year is my last year in the car scene...but yea I'm very happy with how my car looks and how many awesome people I've met along the way. Huge thanks to everyone who helped me along the way to get my car to where she is now.

Jennifer really put a lot of work into her ride and it definitely shows. She is part of our New Jersey group (NJ Lancers) and you can see a sweet close up of her car in the "More Information" link below!

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