M.O.D. (East) 2015 - ProjectLancer.net Best RalliArt

ProjectLancer.net picks its best RalliArt not in VIP from MOD 2015!

The hardest to find Lancers at Mitsubishi Owners Day have to be the Ralliarts. But when you find one the owners really put on a show. This year was no exception. Carlos Hernandez Rivera joined our Official cruise with his crew from WMass Mitsubishi and came all the way from Massachusetts to show his and his crew's RalliArts off.

Year: 2010
Model: Lancer RalliArt
Color: Graphite Gray Pearl

(LancerNation) - Tell us about yourself and your RalliArt!
(Carlos Hernandez Rivera) - My name is Carlos and I come from Puerto Rico. I chose to buy my RalliArt because I wanted a turbo car. I like all kinds of Mitsubishis. My firt car was 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage. I will keep my 3 diamonds for rest of my life.

(LancerNation) - What have you done to the car?
(Carlos Hernandez Rivera) - I have done all painting under the hood. Added a blow off valve and swapped my OEM rims with rims from a 2010 Eclipse Spider. Also added new headlights, an Evo X wing, shark visor, rear window lip , front lip, LED lights, HID lights and touchscreen TV!

(LancerNation) - What is your favorite part of the car?
(Carlos Hernandez Rivera) - The Power!

(LancerNation) How does it feel to win for ProjectLancer.net's Best RalliArt?
(Tyler Steck) - It's a very unexpected surprise. It's always nice when (Carlos Hernandez Rivera) - Happy! I saw a lot nice RalliArts and when they talked me, I couldn't believe it.

(LancerNation) - How did you hear about M.O.D.?
(Carlos Hernandez Rivera) - YouTube and when looking around for some Mitsubishi Events I found it on Mitsubishi.com.

(LancerNation) - Will you go back to M.O.D. again?
(Carlos Hernandez Rivera) - I was there last year, this year and next year.

(LancerNation) - Any future plans or shout outs?
(Carlos Hernandez Rivera) - A lot stuff is coming next year! Noise, music and a lot more. Thank you for everything and Mitsubishi all day!

Carlos brought a number of his members with amazing RalliArts and OZ Rallys to M.O.D. He and many of his members are part of our Massachusetts group (MA Lancers) and should be for a long while.

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