Rallinspired: The New Sponsor


This is an archived news release.

Rallinspired becomes the first LancerNation official Tuner!

In a deal that has been brewing for the past 4 months, LancerNation is happy to announce that Rallinspired is the first official tuner of LancerNation. Rallinspired has grown to be a trusted brand for those with base model Lancers looking for something a little more out of their rides and Evo owners with more power or longevity for their performance car. With years of expertise and the ability to tune over the Internet, they have a proven track record and are very knowledgeable about the inner workings of the car, their tunes, and what needs to be done to make the customer happy.

LancerNation, in its search bring to the community trusted brands, has reached an agreement with Rallinspired allowing them to sponsor LancerNation as the first official tuner. LancerNation hopes to bring to the table a trusted and respected list of tuners for all models of Lancers from ES to Evolution and this is where we will start.

If you own a Lancer and are not yet a LancerNation member be sure to click the JOIN UP botton and join your local group as well as our main group for more information we have for you about this sponsorship and what they offer!

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Photo by TJ Collick (MI Lancers, USA)

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