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So your probably asking yourself. What makes LancerNation any different from any other Mitsubishi Lancer site? Why should I join another site? Well after looking into so many other Lancer sites we found that regional sections of them don't really bring people together as they should. So we focused on where you live in the United States and hope to help make being apart of the Lancer community wherever you are easier.

Well lets start with the basics. We have created a network a groups for you to join no matter what state in the United States you live in. Click the connect button in the menu bar to join the group in your state. And don't worry if your the first one in the group. We will be helping to fill up all the groups as we expand and grow. And you can actually find people in your start with lancers to see if they want to be apart of it as well.

We will be filling our events page with cruises, meets, shows and much more. If you are setting up an event or want to have it added to our events section click the Contact Us link on the bottom of the page and let us know.

What's one of the best parts about going to a show? Seeing if you made it to the movie about the show after the show! Here we will be posted movies around the Lancer as well as events where the Lancer is apart of the show. If your a producer Contact us to get your movie posted in our Movies section.

Tired of out of date posts in forums for parts? Want to have your item sold faster? Looking for the right part, right now? Click on our market section! Parts listed in our part section expire if they are not updated or renewed each week so you know they are still for sale. If your looking to sell a part then make an account and click Market to start selling.

LancerNation is all about the owners and their cars. In the Lancers and owners section you can see the members of LancerNation as well as the cars the work they have done to their Lancers. Their profiles will also show you what parts they are selling and was to contact them.

Finally the about page will tell you all about who we are and how we grew to be LancerNation. We thrive ourselves in keeping our car community judgement free. No matter the mod, no matter the idea, no matter the taste; it's your car; show us what you can do to it.

If your an event planner, lancer community owner, video producer or a company looking to sell parts click our Contact Us link on the bottom to be featured on our site. We want to help get your name or event out to the masses.

A car community is only as good as the members in it. So join check out our page, join one of our groups, create and account, show us your ride, and help build a better Lancer community.


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